About Us

IT RADIO is the first radio station that combines music content, news, live broadcasts from TOP-level conferences and various thematic programs relevant to the world of IT.
On air, you can hear broadcasts in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. And only the best tracks among all the music.
The purpose of the radio is to create a platform for communication, exchange of views and creative ideas among IT specialists, to give the opportunity to expand the vision and to think outside the box.

The goal is to combine culture and art connoisseurs in one space, to draw attention to interesting performers and create high-quality content that will contribute to the development

Audio Production

Recording tracks
Create audio tracks for each conference stream

Conference support

Visual stage design
Sound accompaniment
Promotion/Public Relations/Marketing/ Sponsorship
Information Technology.
IT assistance throughout the event.
Summary and presentation management.


Kiran Kachela, Consultant Continuous Improvement Projects Ltd (UK). «Harnessing the Creative Genius Within Your Organisation»
Anand Tiwari, Information Security Specialist, Product Security at Philips (India) «Web App Security Validation»
Antonio Cobo, Delivery Manager in BJSS

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